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Larnaca Centre

Larnaca is one of the oldest cities in the middle east with history but yet has a modern side to it. The seafront of Larnaca with its cosmopolitan cafes, and bars is well woth visiting. its line of mature palm trees ("Phinikoudes") is a relaxing leisurely attraction. As the home of the island's main international airport, visitors obtain their first taste of Cyprus in Larnaca. Larnaca has many historical festivals throughout the season, the Festival of the Flood, celebrated in early summer with a series of cultural events is one of the main ones.

Larnaca has various places to visit, from its crystal waters on the many beaches, surrounding nature & museums, organised events to sporting activities. You can also travel around Cyprus from Larnaca to the capital Nicosia in less then 1 hour. Larnaca with its many business parks, and shops and restaurants, is an ideal location for relaxing, and for employment. The Larnaca salt lake is located near Larnaca International Airport. It consists of four lakes: a single large lake, where in the summer months the salt is collected for domestic use, and three smaller lakes. Not only is the main lake the largest, but it is also the deepest, approximately seven feet lower than sea level. During the winter the salt lake is a favourite habitat for migratory birds such as flamingos and seagulls, and in general is picturesque.

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