Holiday and Long Term Rentals all over Cyprus

Tenants information

Prospective Tenants For Renting Cyprus Property

When you decide on the Cyprus property you want to rent, you will be required to sign a legally-binding contract. Long term rents are based on a rental period of 12 months. For any shorter term the owners may ask a higher rent. At the time of signing you will be expected to pay a deposit/bond equivalent to 1 month’s rent. This deposit is returnable at the end of your tenancy providing all rents and bills are paid and that there is no damage to the property. The rental agreement binds you to the agreed length of the tenancy, and should you wish to leave before the end of the tenancy period, you will lose your deposit.

You will also be required to pay the first month’s rent. All rents must be paid in advance. You may also be asked to provide a reference (preferably from a previous landlord or similar).

Meter readings will be taken before you move in and you will be taken to the electricity offices (and possibly the water offices) to have the account changed into your name. For anyone from a European Union country, a 100 euro deposit must be paid to the electricity authority at that time. For anyone who is not from a European Union country, that deposit is 300 euros. The tenant is responsible for paying all utility bills. I think all of this is very similar to the procedure for rentals in the UK