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Renting Property Cyprus . Lettings Cyprus are available for free advice on how to obtain maximum exposure for your Cyprus property to let. Firstly You will need to decide whether you want to let to families, or Young couples, accept pets, young children,  some people won't let to families with children .Some owners also prefer not to let to young, single groups. Note, however, that this reduces your letting prospects. Do you require a minimum rental term , 6 months, or yearly. Who will maintain the property for rent , whilst it is being let. Lettings Cyprus offer lettings services for managed lettings and un-managed lettings.
Long term property Rental Rates & Deposits
Set a realistic rent, as there's lots of competition in the cyprus rental market, and bear in mind that, you will have to pay an agent's commission, you must also allow for the cost of maintenance and the other property services an agent normally provides , like collection of the rent per month. Emergency call outs to the rental property.Add a returnable deposit (e.g. CY£200 to CY£1000 depending on the rent) as security against loss (e.g. of keys) and breakages. This is returnable less any deductions. A deposit is usually Taken to ensure the tenant stays the term agreed , if the tenant leaves prior to the agreed term the deposit will be forfeited.
Advertising your cyprus property for rent.
If you wish to let a Cyprus property you will certainly require a advertising medium. Lettings Cyprus will list your property on major property rental websites. The property will also be listed with our European associates. Our Long term lettings website is listed in all major search engines.

Electricity.  Lettings Cyprus , will normally insist the new tenant , ensures the electricity bills ,and water bills are amended into the tenants name, for the duration of the let.