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Water Supply


Water supply for tenants Cyprus

To open an account for the supply of water for your rental villa or apartment in Cyprus, you will require a visit to the local water board office. The requirements are :  Passport , and the meters serial number taken from the water valve on or near your property. Lettings cyprus can assist you with this, if you are in any doubt. The bills are every 3 months, and direct debit is the best and easiest way to settle your bills.

Drinking water in Cyprus is safe, however many europeans still tend to use the water bottles, and water tower systems available from most electrical stores. The most important information regarding toilets in your rental property, is the use of toilet tissue. The excessive amount of tissues, put down the toilet, will cause blockages, and the waste bins in many properties, are to be used, otherwise you may be liable to the cost of the drain cleaners visit.  In sunny weather, which is most of the time in Cyprus, you will get hot water supply from the solar panels fiited on the roof of many, of the cyprus properties. However on the very rare cloudy days, the immersion heater can be used for a short period.